Monday, July 10, 2006

Charges Against Cambridge Teacher Dismissed - NBC 15

Updated: 6:38 PM Jul 10, 2006

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New court filings have been released relating to an assault case involving a Cambridge teacher and a student. And now, those charges have been dismissed.

Those court filings have to do with the teacher's alibi and the accuser's cell phone records.

According to the criminal complaint, the accuser said Cambridge High School teacher and coach Joseph Parish sexually assaulted her when she went into a locker room to pick up her cell phone.

But according to court documents, the victim was using her cell phone during the time she said the attack took place.

Those documents also say Parish was in Watertown, getting a haircut at the time of the alleged assault.

Now that charges have been dropped, Parish's attorney has released a statement saying: "The hardship of the allegations I have faced has caused me to rethink my career path. After consulting with my family, I have chosen to resign from my position at Cambridge High school."
Parish's attorney says the former teacher will now be pursuing a master's degree and hopes to continue coaching at the college level.


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