Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Charges Dismissed Against Poynette Educator

March 8, 2006
Contact: Erik Guenther (Counsel for Dennis Bravick)
(608) 257-0945

COLUMBIA COUNTY, WI -- Charges against physical education instructor Dennis Bravick for invasion of privacy were dropped today by the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office. The charges were brought based on allegations that Mr. Bravick entered the girl’s locker room in the Poynette school last spring. Mr. Bravick denied the allegations and maintained his innocence. Based on the allegations, Mr. Bravick was dismissed from his position with the Poynette School District. Mr. Bravick is currently seeking reinstatement of his position through an arbitration process.

Mr. Bravick was charged with four counts of invasion of privacy in April 2005. On February 24, 2006, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed one count after determining that Mr. Bravick was not in school on the date of the allegation. Mr. Bravick’s trial for the remaining three misdemeanors was scheduled for March 8 - March 10, 2006. The remaining charges were dismissed today.

"Dennis has served the Poynette School District for seventeen years. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence and is thankful that the charges were dismissed," said his attorney Erik Guenther.

Mr. Bravick continues his arbitration process seeking reinstatement of his position with the Poynette School District. "Mr. Bravick is pleased that based upon review of additional evidence the case was dropped against him. He and his family can put the fear of unfounded criminal charges behind them and focus on seeking return to his position," added Guenther.

In a separate matter, Mr. Bravick acknowledged his error in visiting the school district after school hours as part of the arbitration process, in violation of his bond conditions. Mr. Bravick visited the school with the arbitrator, counsel for the Poynette School District and his employment attorney. Mr. Bravick pled no contest to this bail jumping charge. Judge George accepted the recommendation of the District Attorney’s Office and Mr. Guenther to defer judgment in this matter, which will ultimately result in dismissal of this charge.

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