Monday, August 29, 2005

ACLU Defends Club-Goers - NBC 25

Reported by Dan Armstrong, darmstrg@nbc25.Net

Humiliated and violated. That's how more than 100 Flint club-goers feel after being arrested for something they say they didn't do.

Dozens of young people were arrested at club What's Next in March. Police said the young people were guilty of "frequenting a drug house," and that drug deals were going down there.

But these young people said they weren't a part of it.

Jennifer Thompson of Taylor was one of the people arrested.

"It was a very traumatizing experience, especially since I'm not a drug user. I've never been," she said. "It's terrible. I got arrested for something I never think of doing."

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union tried in court Monday to get charges against the club-goers dropped.

Attornies for the city of Flint are withholding comment until they present their case Tuesday at 2 p.m. Judge Ramona Roberts said she won't make a decision until all of the attorneys are heard.


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