Friday, July 29, 2005

Lake Geneva teen to plead no contest to disorderly conduct charge - THE JANESVILLE GAZETTE

By Chris Schultz
Gazette Staff

LAKE GENEVA-Kerry Lofy, the senior who wore a black dress to this year's Badger High School prom, won't have to pay a $249 disorderly ticket that he received for the dancing he did in that dress.

In a written agreement between Lofy's attorney, Erik Guenther, and City Attorney Michael Rielly, Lofy agreed this week to plead no contest to the disorderly conduct charge. According to the stipulation and order signed by Lake Geneva Municipal Judge Henry A. Sibbing, the charge will be dismissed if Lofy behaves himself until the end of September.

The school suspended Lofy for three days after he wore a black spaghetti-strap dress to the prom, despite faculty and administration warnings.

The police-school liaison officer issued the ticket because of Lofy's alleged dirty dancing, not because he wore the dress.

Guenther had argued that the ticket violated Lofy's right to free expression.

Lofy is exercising his right to free speech this week working with an MTV crew that's putting together a half-hour documentary and re-enactment of the prom and the events leading up to it.

Lofy is playing himself. He has said he's not being paid, but he hopes he can gain exposure and experience in acting.

MTV has said that the series, called "High School Stories," will begin airing in mid-November.


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