Thursday, May 12, 2005

Prom A Drag For Lake Geneva Student - THEMILWAUKEECHANNEL.COM

Kerry Lofy, 18, Suspended For 3 Days

POSTED: 11:55 am CDT May 12, 2005

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. -- A boy who wore a dress to the Lake Geneva Badger High School prom said he will fight a disorderly conduct ticket.

"When I bought my ticket, I asked them, 'What's the dress code?' and they said, 'Dress, formal dress, and tuxedo or suit,'" Kerry Lofy said,

Lofy, 18, of Lake Geneva, has been known to show up at events wearing a duct tape suit.

Last year, he was the homecoming King and went to the dance as Hugh Hefner.

On another occasion, he brought a sizeable inflatable doll as his date.

Usually, he is unusual without incident, but when he dressed like a girl from head to toe and showed up at the senior prom Friday night with a guy friend as his date, security threw him out.

"After I had exposed my dress during a dance-off, he took me by the arm and threw me out the door and down the stairs and told me to get out of here, and he has no more respect for me," Lofy said.

The school district is backing the officer who also gave Lofy with a $249 fine for disorderly conduct.

School officials released a police report that said Lofy was engaged in an inappropriate dance with another male student.

Lofy told 12 News that was true, but said he wasn't the only one doing the dance.

He said he just likes to be different, and in this case, he had a friend who needed a favor.

"After he found out I was going to wear a dress, and I could go with him, he loved it. He thought it was great," Lofy said.

"Would you do it again?" 12 News' Mike Anderson asked.

"Ah, short term, right now, I'd say probably not because I'm missing school," Lofy said.

That's something else unusual about Kerry. He rarely misses school. He's an A student and was honored last week by the same board that suspended him.

Lofy said he going to fight the citation. He has a court date in two weeks.


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