Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The ACLU of Wisconsin Names New President - WWW.ACLU-WI.ORG

Mildred Larson of Eau Claire was elected president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin at a recent Board of Directors meeting. Larson recently retired as Associate Director of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire. She has served as president of the Wisconsin Library Association, president of the Wisconsin Humanities Council, and president of the Wisconsin Center for the Book, a program of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Erik Guenther, an attorney with Hurley, Burish & Milliken, S.C. in Madison, was elected vice-president and William Lynch, an attorney in private practice was elected secretary-treasurer.

ACLU of Wisconsin is an affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the nation's primary advocate of an individual's civil rights and civil liberties as guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is a non-profit, non-partisan private organization, governed by a 27 member Board of Directors from around the state. There are currently more than 8,000 members in the state. For more information, contact the state office in Milwaukee, 414-272.4032 or check the organization's website, aclu-wi.org.

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