Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Racine is asked to drop tickets given at party - MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin has requested that the City of Racine drop all tickets issued to patrons of a party Nov. 2 where police found drugs on three people, saying the tickets violate the First Amendment.

The party, which police deemed a rave, was held at Tradewinds Banquet Hall, 1518 Washington Ave. Police raided the building while acting on a tip. Three people were arrested for selling or possessing illegal drugs, and 445 people were ticketed for being the patron of "a disorderly house with controlled substances," police said.

In addition to claiming that the tickets violate the First Amendment, the ACLU, in a letter to Racine City Attorney Daniel P. Wright, said the tickets issued to those without drugs "violates the due process clause."

The tickets issued to party-goers carry a forfeiture of almost $1,000.


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